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Emate as a nation high-tech enterprise, is an enterprise recognized within the industry with very comprehensive domestic water purifier machines and accessories production,

more than 95% accessories are independently designed and produced.We cooperate with many well-known domestic and foreign brands in design, research and development, molding,

customization and a series of deep cooperations. Emate has numbers of patent core technologies,adopting innovative manufacturing process, special product
function and appearance, and can Customize different categories and different functions of products aiming at the water quality difference among different regions,

to let you control the market, enjoy generous returns, Emate ensures stable market development for you, and provides guarantee to keep your competitive

advantages.Over the years, Emate won high praise from numerous domestic and foreign well-known enterprises by excellent quality and perfect service.


It is tailor-made whole house water purification scheme to design whole house water route according to user needs, water quality data, house structure,

adopts stainless steel pipeline system to connect all water-related function equipment systems in market (water purifier, water heater, water pump and so on)

and suitable water outlet product systems (such as stainless steel sink, stainless steel faucet, stainless steel shower sprinkler,etc).